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Technology Case Studies

Foxit PDF - Case Study for Meredith Connell Law Firm

Meredith Connell Case Study Foxit Online

MeredithConnell Case Study Foxit PDF file


Data Tech Cafe- Case study for Nerdio Private Cloud software




Case Studies for Education/Recruiting

Bryan Smith Administrator  job search CalWest Educators case study



Elaine Chao teacher job search CalWest Educators case study



Zora Bikangaga teacher job search CalWest Educators case study

Zora Bikangaga Case Study.P4


Mock Tech Case Study-

How Citadel Studios conquered the limits of time with the new Wacom Cintiq 27QHD!

CASE STUDY- Citadel Studios


CalWest Educators Comic style Advertisement-



Sales Letter

Budget Brainiacs Sales Letter- AWAI course project

Budget Braniacs Sales Letter



STEMedia.org blog posts-

One Reason Kids Have A More Balanced Life Than You

3 Tips For Finding The Perfect STEM Mentor


Fried Chicken and Sushi Blog-

3 Creativity Hacks Inspired By Japanese Wood Carvings



GoComics.com Blog post about my journey to syndicated cartooning-

MEET YOUR CREATOR Blog post on GoComics.com


Comic Strip Letter to Jeff Smith of Bone- NaNoWriMo Blog




Khalid's letter to Jeff Smith COMICcolor


7 Astounding Benefits of Meditation-

7 Astounding Benefits of Meditation



Budget Brainiacs Sales Email AWAI project-

Budget Brainiacs Sales Email


Email Auto Responder Series-

Email Auto Responder series for Fried Chicken and Sushi